About us

We will pursue one hundred years of prosperity for the company through creating new values on food and providing products appreciated by people, make our employees healthy and happy and contribute to the society.

Since the establishment of our business in 1976, we have specialized in frozen food and worked on creation of new food culture to improve customer satisfaction first.

The frozen food industry has steadily grown and expanded thanks to the technological and quality improvement as the market environment including the industry reorganization and the consumption structure has dramatically changed.

Frozen food is expected to be a leading category in the food industry during the 21st century for changes in the social environment like aging society and solitary eating.

We aim to be a company required by the society and will continue providing products appreciated by people. As more people look to food safety and health-conscious lifestyles, we will further promote "High-Quality, Good Taste and Low-Cost Management" to provide safe and reliable products and will make best efforts to improve quality.

Also, Ajinochinuya Group set "Human Resource Development and Adaptation for the Future" "Sound Management by Specializing in Main Business" and "Steady Growth with Realistic Management" as our management policies and will make our employees happy and contribute to the society though business operation. We appreciate your continued support and advice.

Chairman of the Board